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AIOP Benefit Invite

AIOP Benefit Invite

AIOP Benefit Invite


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Donations Accepted!

Do you need to clean out your closet, sewing room, or studio? Could you use a tax deduction this year? These items will help us personalize letters for R-A-L-L-Y! Contact Jenn or Heather to help you drop it off!

Materials needed

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Artist Meeting: Art in Odd Places 2009

Art in Odd Places
Tuesday night Jenn and I went to our first meeting with Art in Odd Place where were met with some of our fellow artists and got a sneak preview of the amazing show (SIGN) to come in the fall. Also…we got word that their will be an AIOP benefit party on July 28th 6-9pm at
a 9th Street storefront btwn Ave A & B. There will be music, some good ol’ East Village burlesque, drink and good spirits.  Check out more info below.


Direction. Ban. Authority. Solidarity. Advertisement. Ownership.Gesture. Enticement. Omen. Signature. Trace.
October 1-26, 2009
14th Street, New York City
A festival exploring the odd, ordinary and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.
2009 guest curators:
Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam.

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