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We have a Great Planning crew!

Master PhotographerLiam ObrienRyan Roth


These fine young men will be modeling the letters up until the first performance this Sunday at 1PM. For those of you participating in the performance, you can look to these hunks for directions.


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Donations Accepted!

Do you need to clean out your closet, sewing room, or studio? Could you use a tax deduction this year? These items will help us personalize letters for R-A-L-L-Y! Contact Jenn or Heather to help you drop it off!

Materials needed

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Hey yall! We are going to be building letters at the studio all day on Sunday!

We are getting ready for our promo video and photo shoot that we are doing on Monday morning at 10 AM in Union Square. Come by the studio if you’re in the mood to BEDAZZLE an “A” or a “S” or another “S”!!  We’ll have beer and cupcakes!!

1027 Grand Street off the Grand stop in the L train. 4th Floor. Call when you’re here and we’ll open the door. 11AM-11PM Come by anytime!!

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We Have Space!

1Jenn and Heather rented a great letter factory out in Bushwick on Grand Street. Monday night we were in full production mode with 2 fabulous volunteers, Patrick McCarthy and Dan Tepper. 

Heather's "I"

The I stands alone…..

dan Z

down at the studio you can get a haircut and build a “z” all in one night

P is for Patrickpat produces perfect p’s

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a little bit about R-A-L-L-Y

Here is a bit about our newest project R-A-L-L-Y:    sketches for AIOP


drawings for AIOP

R-A-L-L-Y uses the historical context of 14th Street Union Square as a central location for people’s voices to be heard and imbues it with an apolitical message of self-empowerment. As a meeting place, Union Square provides locations where citizens can voice concerns, upsets, injustices, and begin the process of creating change. From its inception, the square has been a gathering place for the starting or ending point of political rallies, demonstrations, and celebrations. This space is invaluable, not only to the healthy operation of the city, but also for the social nature of individuals and their ability to reclaim power.

As a site-specific performance, R-A-L-L-Y takes this into consideration but also sends a message of self-empowerment, hope, and encouragement that others may continue to stand up for what they believe and create positive change.

Through a performance consisting of 4 parts, we will reiterate the significance of Union Square as a gathering space by creating a spectacle through the presentation of empowering messages. Letter by letter, a “sign” will emerge from the corners of 14th street, taking full formation in the square. Performers will walk through the crowded sidewalks of 14th Street making their way toward Union Square. Upon arrival, the jumbled constants and vowels will align themselves to spell out a predetermined message.

The text that our research generated is then rearranged, edited and reconsidered, to form a link between the history of the city we reference and our own presence in the work.

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welcome to LOUDspeaker!



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